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A movement for increased awareness


Our mission is to in various ways help people reach their full potential, create the lives they are meant for and contribute their abilities to the world around them. PayYouForward.

We are in a critical time, where we as humans are increasingly waking up to a higher consciousness and energy frequency. Many undergo an internal transformation in line with this frequency increase. These internal changes also often make it clearer that our inner and outer lives are not in harmony with each other - that we live our lives in a society that looks and functions in ways that are far from what is aligned with who we are. The concept of Soul Intelligence describes the elusive but vital area within us that lies deeper than both self-esteem and self-confidence. The contact with this deepest source of wisdom and power is needed in society for it to expand sustainably. We work based on the 7 dimensions of Soul Intelligence and our lectures, courses and coaching are a treasure trove for inner expansion for you who want to be a magician in your own life and participate in the emergence of a conscious society.

These processes need guidance and support as they are crucial to humanity. We must all take our responsibility for expanding into our personal power and awareness and with that can contribute even more to the world around us.

We ourselves have devoted large parts of our lives to personal and spiritual "seeking" that you and many others may have experienced.

Through our own life journeys and intensive work with people's growth, our mission has been deepened and our image of what is needed for true transformation has become clearer.

We want to pass this on, to you and others, in different ways. PayUsForward


Our main themes are:


Know your true essence - your authentic self . Getting to know oneself beyond culture, life history, imprints and thought concepts is the basis for being in one's true and full power. We lead you to explore your light and your darkness without judgment and to peel off these layers so that your beautiful and potent core can shine brightly.


Live the purposes of your life - When you know who you are and where you sense your power and potential, you can also more easily see your life path clearly and how you want to express your abilities - what your life purposes are and your meaning in this life. Everyone has life purposes to fulfill and abilities to express. We help you to find and expose this and to trust yourself in it.


Manifest the life you are meant to live and contribute in your full potential .

When you know your essence and how you want to contribute in life, it's about finding strategies and ways to create it in practice. We guide you to find concrete ways to manifest and live your truth and how to contribute with your whole being. PayYouForward. When we serve from our personal  truth and power we are also at a high level of spiritual practice.


Our way of working is based on:


No Bullshit

For us, it means simplicity and straightforwardness . We go straight to the heart of what we do.

The methodology we use is about skipping a lot of detours and complicated processes and going directly to the essence, obstacle or possibility and communicating directly with the Truth. Based on what is important to you.

Straight and honest.  Just see. Just Know. Just Give. Just Receive.


Divine mirroring. See and be seen.

We humans need each other in this as well. Being seen and reflected in honesty and love is often a great relief for people but it can feel challenging.

When you work with us, you practice being held and reflected by others and to hold others in the same way. We often use our higher wisdom that reaches beyond words to channel and reflect each other.


PayYouForward. Serve.

Everyone has a purpose in life and a purpose in the world.

For us, the source of humanity's upshift towards a higher consciousness and love is that we should use the abilities we have within us to the world around us . And when we are in contact with our full potential, we do it so much more efficiently and in flow. And can live an even richer life.

We will therefore always have as a goal in our sessions and our courses, that you should clarify how you want to contribute with what you have and are, and the insights you reach.




We work with people as if they are already Whole and have everything they need within them to be 100% themselves in their unique power. We do not focus on obstacles, hang-ups and trauma, but to see, embrace and let go. Release.

By letting go of the old stories and instead bringing out the strong, the divine, the wise and the loving that already exists in people, we focus the energy on what we want to create.

It is so simple that it can be hard to believe. You can create magic every day.

And we want to take you on that journey and give you clarity on how you can use it in your life.

We are religiously independent. We believe that the divine can take all shapes and names and that it is in you, around you, everywhere and in everything. Call it Allah, God, Source, Universe, Spirit, Life Force, the Higher Consciousness or what speaks to you.

We know that the path to consciousness can look different in many ways and have all sorts of expressions.

Your task is to find your way and your expressions.

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