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Dec 10


Transformational Soul Coach

Multidimensional Coach Program

for the coaches of the new age

Now is the time.
We are looking for you who are called to work as a Transformational SoulCoach
into the new age.

The world is undergoing a transformation - a huge change in frequency and consciousness. We all need to level up and change our way of thinking, living, healing, relating and contributing to the world around us.


In this shift, brave, conscious and loving guides, soul coaches and transformation workers are needed more than ever. Who can support people into this upshift and to the next level in their lives - into their full potential, awareness and life purposes. Into Soul Intelligence SQ

More Transformational SoulCoaches are needed.


Coaches and guides who have a high personal, spiritual and universal awareness along with coaching abilities, knowledge and tools for personal growth, quantum psychology and healing as well as creating a safe and powerful space for people to expand. Your certification gives you a fantastic platform whether you want to use the abilities and tools in your current professional role or work as a professional coach.


The program is not focused on ONE approach or ONE specific philosophy. That time is over. It links our universal core and draws philosophy and methods from modern psychology as well as NLP, shamanism, Eastern medicine, quantum psychology, healing and Transformational coaching. It gives you expanded capabilities and an expansive toolbox that the traditional coaching trainings lack and it gives a completely different gear when it comes to the results you can create together with your clients. Upbringing required to meet and guide others into the era of consciousness.

After the training you will be able to:
  • work for human healing and inner transformation on a whole new level and have the abilities and tools for it

  • have methods and insights to be able to work holistically and on all levels - energetically, mentally, spiritually and physically

  • create faster, more powerful and more in-depth results for your clients or the people you work with

  • effectively dissolve and heal blockages and old unwanted patterns

  • help your clients to ee themselves and the world from a higher consciousness that makes them active co-creators in their own growth and magicians in their lives

  • enjoy and use your own amazing inner process from the education and how you have shifted your consciousness, your power, your abilities and your life

  • work as a coach / spiritual guide. Or have powerful tools to support people's growth and healing in your private life or in your current professional role, whatever it is.

  • be part of a tribe of other SoulCoaches who share the journey with you. A brave and conscious tribe that supports, inspires, challenges and guides each other to be the highest good in your own lives as well as in your mission.

  • undergo the Soul Academy Trainer process in order to eventually be able to lead the Soul programs yourself in collaboration with Soul Academy and other trainers.

You want to work from:
  • 7 dimensions for Soul Intelligence SQ

  • Quantum physics linked to quantum psychology

  • Energy medicine

  • Internal transformation processes

  • Heart Intelligence, Intuition and Soul Listening

  • Universal communication

  • NLP - reprogram thoughts and behaviors

  • Body Therapy - Body Sensing

  • Guided meditations and visualizations

  • Transformational coaching principles and models

You have:
  • Basic coaching education and / or experience from coaching professionally

  • Worked with people and development for at least 5 years

  • Accustomed to working with communication and conversation as a tool

  • A great interest in the spiritual dimensions of yourself and life and have explored these areas in your own life

  • Has undergone internal processes with the support of a coach or therapist

  • Passed the Soul program via Soul Academy (or equivalent in consultation with Charlotte Fogel)

  • Experience of meditating or engaging in mindfulness, yoga, mental training, breathing or other activities that promote inner stillness, presence or spiritual / spiritual / inner development

You are:
  • Used to reflecting on and expressing your feelings and thoughts as well as listening to other people

  • Willing to explore yourself in depth and have the courage to face both darkness and light, the known and the unknown

  • open

  • Intuitive

  • Spiritually oriented

  • Energy conscious

  • Ready to work in new ways and to invest in your development with your time, your focus and your heart

Step 1

Online workshop 2 h


7 Keys to Strong Soul Intelligence SQ =

Familiarize yourself with the SQ model

step 2

Join the community - participate in the transforming program Soul-Smart = Expand into the most powerful and authentic version of you

Step 3

Become a certified Transformational SoulCoach

Influence other people's healing and transformation in your professional role

Step 4

Become a Soul Academy Trainer

Influence other people's healing and transformation

on a larger scale through our community

Transformational Soul Coach - content
  • We will work based on the 7 dimensions of Soul Intelligence SQ. Each dimension / key contains models, mindsets and tools that you first worked through linked to your own spiritual development in the Soul program and which we then go through again during the coaching program based on how you as a coach should guide others through their development process.

  • The coaching program lasts for 8 course sessions / modules - approximately one session every 3 weeks. It will be (for now) online meetings for about 4-6 hours. Saturdays and sundays.


  • Between the modules, you work with the themes we have worked with and coach your training clients. You will have 3-5 training clients during the program.

  • You will use Charlotte Fogel's book "The Seven Keys of Soul Intelligence SQ" as course literature along with other material and documentation.


  • You also have any number of dates between the modules (however, at least one date per month) when you meet your Power Group live or online. A Power Group consists of 2-3 of the other participants and the group is there to support each other during the process.


  • As an additional opportunity to deepen your abilities to guide others through Soul processes, you have the opportunity to participate as an assistant when Charlotte leads the Soul program. It also forms a good springboard if you eventually want to become a Trainer for Soul Academy and lead programs and circles yourself in collaboration with Soul Academy.

7 dimensions of Soul Intelligence SQ -

keys to your deepest Self


Module 1

Transformational awareness

You will know

  • how internal transformation processes can look and function

  • how to apply different models for transformation to your clients' current need for support

  • how to guide your clients to a higher awareness of their own soul journey to be able to navigate a challenging change

Module 2

Quantum Consciousness

You will be able to

  • Use your intuitive and universal listening to retrieve and mirror information that is important to your client

  • manage quantum psychology and energy awareness in practice to influence your own energy, the energy in the session, your client's energy and create faster and more powerful results

  • guide your client to explore spiritual existential perspectives on himself and life and open up to the multidimensional

  • Support your clients to find their ways to meaning and magic in life

    Module 3:

Soul Communication

You will be able to

  • guide your client to experience and express their true essence - their deepest abilities, their values ​​and their authentic qualities

  • get your client to observe and reshape destructive or unfavorable behaviors and thought patterns to be more in line with their true essence and in full force

  • guide your client to use the heart's intelligence, soul listening and universal listening / his higher self in his everyday life to stay in touch with himself and handle challenges

Module 4:

Life Purposes

You will be able to

  • guide your client to see and activate their life goals based on the The 5 Life Pillars:

       What you can:

  1. Be - To be who you really are and express your true abilities fully in your life

  2. Do: To contribute to the outside world both in one's professional life and in one's private life, based on one's essence and one's true abilities. What in some spiritual traditions is called Dharma

  3. Experience: What one wants to enjoy, experience or be a part of. Because it enriches and gives joy, meaning and passion

  4. Learn: To meet the lessons life wants to give based on the fact that it grows the soul, takes one closer to one's essence and / or expands and enriches

  5. Live - how to shape your life based on what supports points 1-4

Module 5:

The art of manifesting

You will be able to

  • see how all the previous modules in the soul intelligence model can be used to manifest what we want to create in our lives

  • guide your clients to concretize, achieve and create what they want to live a soul-true life.

  • assess where your client is at the level of their creation and be able to use and adapt the "10-step program for Magic Manifestation" with your clients to create what they need and long for in their lives.

Module 6:

Body Wisdom

You will be able to

  • guide your client to a deeper contact with his body to strengthen his soul intelligence

  • use Body Sensing and Reiki with your client to release emotional blockages and create healing physically and mentally.

  • use movement in different forms to make contact with body and soul

Module 7:

Conscious relationships

You will be able to

  • guide your client to a higher awareness of their relationships and their sexuality as an arena for spiritual and personal growth.

  • use perspectives and tools to guide your client to explore the 5 pillars of the conscious relationship, as well as to support the sexual exploration for healing and growth.

Transformational SoulCoach, background

My name is Charlotte Fogel. I am a modern mystic, leadership consultant, transformation coach and spiritual guide.

I have worked with people and inner growth for over 20 years in the most diverse spheres - in business as well as the most intimate spiritual sphere.

As for my coaching background, I am a certified ICF coach, certified NLP coach, cert. Deep Transformational coach, licensed Relationship coach and trained in hypnocoaching.


Despite all my years of work and studies in psychology, behavioral science, conversational methodology, coaching and spiritual and personal growth, I felt for a long time that something was missing. I kind of just got to a certain level with my clients and the ones I guided. Until I realized that the deeply spiritual, the universal and the bodily aspects were missing.

I worked far too much with the word and the mental and emotional aspects of people. It was too much about the surrounding issues and problems without penetrating the very core. The pure core that we all are and that so many of us long for.


I met a longing in so many people, which was difficult to put into words. Even less concretize in daily life. A longing that is about being in close contact with one's inner self, one's essence, one's spirituality and one's authentic way of life. The part of you and me that moves even deeper than thoughts and feelings and that society can not really meet or see the power in. And since we all are a complex and fantastic whole of so much more than thoughts, feelings and behaviors, important things were missing.

After a personal deep existential crisis, I sought help in the alternatives I knew; therapy, traditional coaching and healthcare, mediums and healers. I was not helped by any of these approaches. I just felt more lonely and lost than ever.


I just longed to be heard and seen in the depths of my soul and from the deepest aspects of my life journey. Get help to see my divine plan - what was the meaning of my life and immerse myself in the great questions of life, existentially and spiritually. Beyond religion. I wanted to integrate my own ability to heal, feel my strength and find my answers. Beyond spiritual or psychological intermediaries.

No one helped me to see that even though everything felt chaotic, lonely and sad, this was an inner transformation, and thus a revolution in my life. Who in the long run wanted to awaken the dormant power, longing and truth that I am on this earth to express.

Until I met Deep Transformational coaching. Here were maps and models of inner transformation processes and support to see myself from a higher and deeper perspective. I felt that if I could only guide a single person through his transformation process, I would have my life mission completed. A new way of guiding and coaching people was born for me.

To the insights about inner transformation and coaching skills, I added all the abilities and tools I used myself in terms of energy work, quantum psychology, body therapy and heart intelligence. It created results on a WHOLE new level. Faster, more powerful and "cleaner" than before.

People healed themselves with me and found direction and power in their lives on new levels. The various modules in the Soul Intelligence model with associated models and tools were born. These form the foundations for developing a strong Soul Intelligence SQ and form a platform for the courses and workshops Soul Academy offers as well as the book I wrote with the name "Seven Keys to Soul Intelligence - your guide to a higher SQ"

I then realized that the best way to quickly help more people is to teach people how to guide others through soul-emotional processes with this awareness and the abilities and tools I myself have used successfully.

That is why this coaching program exists.

We need to become many more. I am so sincerely looking forward to inviting You into our Tribe of Transformational SoulCoaches.

Into the New Era.

Do you want to join?

Charlotte Fogel

Founder of Soul Academy

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