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The 7 dimensions of Soul Intelligence - origin


When you have a strong Soul Intelligence SQ, you are in loving connection with your deepest essence, your body and the spiritual dimensions of yourself and life.

As the whole human being you are. And you have the tools and the ability to establish that connection.

By developing a strong Soul Intelligence, you gain access to power, meaning, creativity, insight, guidance and healing and can more easily live your unique life in its full potential.


The model / process "The Seven Dimensions of Soul Intelligence" connects the practical concrete world with the spiritual and multidimensional and gives you an orientation map and a toolbox for how you can be in contact with yourself, your authentic power and your life purposes each day.

I am a modern mystic, leadership trainer and a Transformational coach.

During my own life journey as well as during my almost 20 years of working with people's inner growth, I have experienced the deeper longing that so many people carry but which can be extremely difficult to put into words. Even less concretize in their daily lives.

The longing for meaning, purpose, connection with one's innermost essence and spirituality, for healing and to create one's life based on what is actually true and important.

It is a complex and often lonely journey.

After a deep personal life crisis, I gathered all the experiences and knowledge I gained through my life journey and work with people's inner growth and created

"7 dimensions of Soul Intelligence - SQ".

The book "Seven keys to Soul Intelligence SQ" was written to meet the needs I experienced and to have as "encyclopedias for inner growth" for clients, course participants and fellow human beings, but I realized during the writing process that it is needed on a broader front in society.

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The concept of Soul Intelligence describes this elusive but vital area within us that lies deeper than both self-esteem and self-confidence. Deeper than thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

Soul intelligence is often linked to spiritual intelligence and the two are abbreviated SQ based on the English terms soul quotient and spiritual quotient.

In my model, soul intelligence is intimately intertwined with the spiritual sphere, but I use the concept of soul intelligence as a general term for both.


The definitions of SQ vary somewhat in literature and research, which is perhaps quite natural given that it is abstract and complex dimensions of human that are described and that the concepts are relatively new. According to some definitions, SQ is a fusion of IQ (Intelligence Quotent), EQ (Emotional Quotent) and one's own higher awareness of oneself, existence and the divine / spiritual sphere.

The 7 dimensions of the model form the platform for my work and are a summary of what I have experienced that a person may need to immerse themselves in and practice to begin or strengthen their personal journey towards their true essence, their worldview, their power and their authentic life purposes. The content is based on the knowledge and insights I have acquired through my own lifelong and dynamic exploration, work and learnings. In the metaphysical, existential sphere and as a teacher, life coach and spiritual guide as well as through my role as a leadership consultant and trainer in business.


It's about attitudes and tools that I have seen time and time again give fantastic results in people's growth and life. Even people who have been classified as sick, depressed and anxious have, with the help of the soul tools, risen to true strength again.


I want to show that. I want to give hope and concrete guidance in a jungle of ideologies and methods for personal and spiritual development.

The process is not based on ONE orientation or methodology, but allows wisdom from many traditions to merge into concrete concepts, ways of thinking and exercises.


They are based on shamanism, modern psychology, quantum physics, NLP, CBT, Eastern mysticism, energy medicine and tantra, and are connected with deeply personal experiences and insights as well as concrete examples and tools that you can use in your own process and in your life.

I reach out my hand to You - Everything is here for you.

Charlotte Fogel, Founder of Soul Academy

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