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Transformational SoulCoaching

We meet where you are...


Always. We start from there and from what you need right there.

I see you. And adjusts our sessions based on that.


Maybe you want to:

  • Get to know yourself more deeply and connect to your essence - who you truly are beyond life-shells, wounds, expectations, patterns and behaviors

  • Heal what limits you and start living the life you are meant to live

  • Clarify your life goals and activate your purposes - how you wish to live and contribute to the world now and in the future

  • Make changes in your life, in your behaviors or in your relationships

  • Deepen the connection with your spirituality and your higher consciousness

  • Manifest your dreams and create action and inspiration around them


The starting point is the coaching conversation where I as a coach listen, ask and reflect on you to deepen the vision and understanding of the issues we work with.

In Transformational SoulCoaching, we also go deeper and higher. When time is. Beyond actions, behaviors and external circumstances to expand consciousness and energy to the deeper parts of your essence and what is true and important to you. We listen to the voice of the heart and soul where the real answers to your questions and problems are and create contact with a higher consciousness in yourself. From an existential, universal and spiritual perspective.

From there, we can then create the concrete changes in your life that prove to be relevant.

Depending on your needs and what we work with, I use

  • Reiki Healing

  • Energy work - I use my intuitive and medial abilities to sense and mirror you. The work is as much going on on an energy level as mentally and emotionally

  • Body-sensing - by feeling the body and the sensations you get information, guidance and answers

  • Soul-listening - communicate with your higher consciousness

  • NLP coaching (Neuro Lingvistic Programming). A kind of mental training which partly consists of the methods I described above but which focuses more on changing states and focus and changing behavior and thought patterns.



The sessions and Charlotte are the most concrete answer to my prayers I have experienced. Thanks for life!


The conversations with Charlotte have been vital.

When I came to Charlotte, I did it to survive, but after a period of working with her, it was not enough. She made me not only want to survive but to really want to live fully and to see that it was possible.

The inner peace I felt after the first meeting is completely indescribable.

Working with Charlotte has helped me find who I really am and who I want to be. I have a long way to go to fully live the life that is meant for me but I feel that I am well on my way. With her help, I know I will succeed.


Charlotte is wise, humble, tolerant and fantastic at challenging change without pressure. She has a deep devotion to her clients but is still incredibly professional.

Elin Björklund

Charlotte, Thank you for helping me get closer to my  soul and my purpose in life!


It has given me so much to have the support from Charlotte.
Working with her has really helped me get much more in touch with my own strength and truth.
I immediately felt a great confidence in the meeting with Charlotte.
She has an incredible ability to listen permissively and lovingly and then help to highlight the core and see context, explanations and wholeness.


In a balance between humor, seriousness and joy and between conversations, meditations, visualizations, etc., Charlotte has given space for all kinds of feelings, experiences and insights.


Thank you also for helping me to create a much better relationship with my children, my partner, my mother and more! "

Sofia Lundqvist

But, my most important tools in our sessions are my heart, my seeing and my straightforward reflection along with the love and deep respect I feel for you and your unique journey through life.

That you trust me to hold space for our work together is also the basis for the results we create.

I sincerely look forward to meeting you

With love


Transformational SoulCoaching


The conversations last between 60-75 minutes

and can be done by phone, Zoom or live in Nyköping

Investment: SEK 800 / call excluding VAT

We always start with an inventory conversation to reconcile where you are and what you need before we start our work together.




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