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for couples
Expansive Love

Conscious relationships

and Expansive sexuality


We offer these workshops as an opportunity for you to see your relationship, and relationships in general, from new or more perspectives. As a door opener, an inspiration, a guide or just an exciting experience.

Our workshops give you the keys to

· Intimacy and love

· Passion and sexual pleasure

· The relationship as a highway to expand as


We have for many years explored ourselves and relationships, both on the personal and professional level.

Intimate love relationships and sexuality are among the most powerful and profound paths to personal transformation and inner growth we have experienced. As well as being infinitely strong sources of joy, pleasure and vitality.

During our workshops, we share the insights, knowledge and experiences we have of what creates the relationships we long for.



You will learn how to use your relationship and each other as the ultimate generators for personal and spiritual growth, as well as how to increase the sensual and erotic energy and channel it in a conscious way.

Through this, you will also be able to experience greater closeness, openness and honesty, both to yourself and to each other.

It will be easy and deep. We will have fun in all seriousness. No big deal, and a big deal.


We look forward to meeting you so much!

Charlotte & Jonathan

Expansive Love
Conscious Relationship & Expansive Sexuality


Are you and your partner craving more?

More intimacy? More fun? More proximity? More excitement?

Deeper communication? More joy? More growing?


There are ways...

The course gave us a fantastic opening to find our way back to each other on a deeper level,

Open new paths for love to flow more between us and intensify.

That same evening on day 1, we already started looking at each other with pleasing eyes and all the small and big obstacles just disappeared into nothingness.

The course gave us insight and tools that we really need to have a functioning love relationship.

Jonathan and Charlotte's way of leading is absolutely fantastic and very professional. I felt safe, happy and curious all weekend and that the common thread was with me all the way.

Dan Salomonsson

To all of you who did something else this weekend .... Sorry. You need this!

This weekend's trip was really exciting. You two did a really professional retreat and quickly got the group together. That we came with such different experiences  created a wonderful dynamic.
I like your clarity on all these "soft" skills. It became a "spiritual structure" and that you two switch between your roles creates such a nice tempo, which I value highly.

Tommy Andersson

Thank you for opening up a whole new dimension to regain my hidden power and joy 

which has been closed for a long time.
Fantastic, now it's just to be more aware, brave and to practice a lot of feminine and masculine energies. And  to use the practical tools we got with us. Very good.

I'm really happy to have met you wonderful people with your heart in the right place,

On the whole, you opened up several aspects of an energy that has been undermined and forgotten.

You gave an incredibly competent impression but great love and finesse for what people need and can receive. Very good and concrete tools that you can practice from where you are

Anna Salomonsson

Exciting, vital!

Now I understand how deep and high you can get in a relationship when you have the tools and the conscious focus!

Petter Lindström

Thanks to your course and your exercises, I managed to reach my partner and we finally had an authentic and honest meeting.

I finally got in touch with my deepest wounds and found my boundary because of  you.

Thank you for allowing me to reflect on you, Charlotte, and see the powerful, honest and clear woman within me! It was a few dramatic days and now the calm is finally here.

I do not think it will ever be the same again…!

Magdalena Jomalm

Great to feel and see the transformation in our relationship and for the other couples.

Magical weekend for me and my partner. Charlotte and Jonathan have a fantastic dynamic and complement each other with their different life experiences. Now my partner and I have tools to work on and are inspired to write our commitments to each other. Highly recommend Soul Academy

Mia Åström

Workshop 1

5 Keys to a conscious relationship
Image by Davids Kokainis
  • What is a conscious relationship? We work with 5 keys and their tools to expand and deepen the relationship

  • We learn how the love relationship to ourselves is an absolute prerequisite for a healthy love relationship with each other.

       You get tools for how to become more confident in yourself and more honest with           what you want and need while you can give your partner full support and Love. You         also understand how to deal with emotions such as anger and jealousy                               constructively


  • Communication - We get methods for how we can be open with each other without risking being rejected or criticized and how we can develop our conversations to become a real source of creating deep bonds and constantly growing together

Workshop 2

Expansive sexuality
  • Expansive sexuality - how can we experience sex on new levels and from different dimensions? Sexuality can provide so much more than a purely physical experience. We broaden the perspectives on sex and desire and how we can develop this in the relationship to a generator for love, pleasure and growth on all levels.

  • We explore the polarization of masculine and feminine energy INSIDE and BETWEEN us, to create attraction, desire and closeness every day.

  • We define obstacles for ultimate intimacy in relationships, such as shame, norms, fears, stress, ideals, self-image, communication and more. Why do we not reach each other and how do we release power and love?

  • We examine what roles we have in the relationship and how we can clarify and switch between different roles to create dynamism and security. Work based on the Wheel of Consent


  • What do we really want to experience together? Sexual longing and sexual fantasies as a force for opening, growing, lust and closeness

How it works


During the workshop, we will alternate reviews, conversations and different types of exercises.


We work together and individually, but above all together with our partner.

The focus is on presence and closeness. The exercises are not sexual even though they contain sensual elements.


We keep the clothes on.


We respect each other's privacy and you only participate in what serves you

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