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Charlotte Fogel
Teacher & Coach

Leadership trainer. Author. Reiki Healer. Team developer. Mother of two daughters. Educator. Tree hugger. Instant Transformer. World traveller. Cert. ICF coach, Cert. NLP coach. Cert. Deep Transformational Coach. Bread lover. Project manager. Business manager. Tantra practitioner. Dancing. Alchemical priestess. Behavioral scientist. Trained mediality and intuition worker. Cert. Supervisor Developmental Leadership; UL, Lic. Relationship Counsellor. Project and Leadership graduate. Fil. Kand. Pedagoghy.  Secondary school teacher. Transformation junkie.

Jonathan Nilsson
Teacher & Coach


View-finder. Board member. Philanthropist. CEO. Hang gliding pilot. Psychonaout. Shaman-initiated. Tantra practitioner. World traveller. 2 times bachelor. Business angel. Father of three. Beekeeper. Mystic. Meditator. Health coach. Transcendence junkie. Mc driver. Fellow human. Half troll. Adult man. Illusionist. Fire extinguisher. Vegetarian.

" It doesn't matter which path you choose, as long as it helps you become a better person with the goal of serving something bigger. Choose a path according to your soul. If you become harmonious and a better person in action, then it's right. Manifest in action! "

Sara Sandgren
Teacher & Coach,

Transformation coach. Co-ordinator. Everyday esthete. Vedic Art teacher. Dipl. Image interpreter. Creator. Forestlover. Mother of two. Coach. Behavioral scientis. Work consultant. Cert. Angelic Reiki Healer. Spaceholder.

Our Teachers

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