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Live and online training



7 Keys to a Strong
Soul Intelligence SQ

Learn how to navigate and manifest the life you are meant to live based on the power of your soul 

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Dec 10


Beautiful soul. Are you ready to live your life to the fullest
in your deepest potential? You are needed!


You're not alone. Many of us are in a stage of transformation. The world needs us. In our full power.

Giving our abilities fully to the world around us.


Maybe you…

... are one of us who wants more, who see more and who is more than you feel that you can express in your life.

... want to experience and be in touch with who you really are and are ready to scip the bullshit that is not aligned with the unique plan that wants to manifest through you.


... want to see and activate your real abilities and life goals and contribute to the world in ways that are more meaningful to you,

… Want to be in touch with your spirituality and open yourself to the universal power that is within you and around you,


... long for your Tribe - people who understand you and who experience similar processes as you. Who can fully support you.


Expand with us and participate in the transformational process

7 dimensions of Soul Intelligence

-keys to your deepest Self

Through the Soul-Smart process you will ...

  • Get tools so you can be in touch with your soul, your emotions and your intuition every day and experience more love, power and authenticity - Soul Listening

  • Expand into the most powerful version of yourself.

  • Transform what limits you

  • Heal yourself and others

  • Get loving reflection - Divine Mirroring. Meet yourself through others.

  • Unleash power and joy of life with the help of your body and your sexuality

  • Become aware of how you can create love relationships beyond the ordinary

  • See and activate your life goals and purposes

  • Connect with your spirituality and higher consciousness and channel the universal power

  • Use energy awareness to influence all areas of your life. Quantum psychology in practice.

  • Manifest what you need to create the life you long for

  • Create a deeper meaning and magic in your life

  • Be part of a soul tribe that becomes your Power Partners

We will travel through the different modules in the model

7 dimensions of SQ ™ - keys to your deepest Self.

Each module contains a variety of fantastic themes and tools for your expansion.

Maybe you then want to grow into a Transformational SoulCoach in our magical graduation program ...

How it works...

This is no ordinary "course in personal development". This is a process for personal reunion.

This is a sacred place for you, your soul and what really matters.

The process can be extremely challenging because it is so simple and direct.

Extremely exciting. And magically beautiful.

The circle is led by Charlotte Fogel, an experienced leader and teacher.

Together with Charlotte and the circle of people who travel and grow with you, you will in love, openness and honesty get the experiences, insights and tools you need to expand into your truth and the life you love.

You will be seen, supported, held and challenged in ways you may never have experienced before. No Bullshit.

Together we work based on our higher vision and with simplicity and straightforwardness. We have fun and believe in ease.

The program lasts for about 12 weeks and consists of one module every second week. For now, online:

  • 6 Online meetings 5-6 hours. Saturdays and Sundays.

  • Assignments between meetings based on what you personally need to learn, do and experience.

  • Any number of meetings live / online with your Power Group - your Power Partners (2 other members of the circle) where you fully support each other in the process.

  • Closed facebook group for continuous expansion and support

The process is both structured and organic. This means that we have the 7dimensions and tools in the SQ model (7 dimensions of Soul Intelligence SQ) as a base while we adapt the process and rhythm based on the dynamics and magic that arises in the group along the way.

Each key contains models, exercises and tools that will give you pieces of the puzzle and insights you need in your spiritual expansion while discovering unexplored areas and magical events you never thought were possible.

We will alternate shorter "theory sessions" with conversations, dynamic exercises, reflection, imaginations, individual work and work in small groups.

This form of process is often more powerful than individual sessions and more tailored to you as an individual than a course.

I have received lots of concrete tools that really work and provide effects and insights that have changed my life

  Charlotte's way of leading the circle has been very responsive, empathetic and clear. She has the ability to create a loving energy around her and among us as participants that I have not met before.

In addition, she has a long experience and lots of life wisdom along with an ability to create an atmosphere of caring, openness and confidence. The circle became a loving platform for each individual in a safe community.

Johanna Bergman

Charlotte, You create an energy that feels supernatural

Magic! The incredible power of belonging to this amazing group! I feel so strong!

It has been such an energy boost that has made me endure a tough time.

Charlotte, you have led us in a truly amazing way! You share yourself and your experience so authentically, which creates  such openness in the group.

It is so valuable to meet and work with like-minded people. I think being able to share this is a big part of my growth, I feel that it would have been much more difficult to grow on my own at the pace I have grown in this group

Ingela Ljung

The process has made me feel whole


I am so happy that I participated in the circle, it has given me lots of different angles to reflect on my own person and my soul and my spirit. and to think I am close to being clear about my life goals. It makes me behave more clearly and become better at setting boundaries.


Everyone should have the opportunity to be part of a  community like this, and such a safe place to grow. Also great to get to know all these magical people.


Charlotte's way of leading the circle has been incredible: confident, empathetic and with such a clear guidance in every way. With a steady hand and with a lot of respect for our feelings and processes. "

Lotta Isoz

Great to meet others in such a naked and direct way

The things that have been incredibly important to me have been getting new tools, a new thought structure with clear images and a smorgasbord of meditations and concrete exercises. At the same time, it has been incredibly valuable to meet others so openly, heart to heart

Julia Bergman

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