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"The Seven Keys of Soul Intelligence, Your Guide to higher SQ" is based on a holistic model of soul intelligence. It is a guide for how you can live and navigate every day based on a strong and loving contact with your authentic essence, your purpose in life and the spiritual dimensions of yourself and life. As the whole you are.

The book provides a tangible orientation map and a useful toolbox for how to increase access to inner power, meaning of life, creativity, love and personal healing and how you can concretely live and manifest a life based on your inner truth. In a pedagogical and easily accessible way, complex, existential and intimate life issues are described and how practical everyday life can be integrated with the spiritual and multidimensional.


Wisdom from many traditions and with roots in shamanism, modern psychology, quantum psychology, NLP, CBT, Eastern mysticism, energy medicine and tantra are woven together in concrete concepts, ideas and exercises. These are brought to life through the author's own deeply personal experiences and insights. The book raises awareness of how quantum psychology can affect the experience of a deeper meaning and our infinite capacity to manifest and influence our lives. The book is a treasure for inner expansion for you who want to be a magician in your own life.



I'm knocked out!


How can you in a book gather so much complex life wisdom in such a concrete, easily accessible, exciting and useful form, and alternate both theories and exercises with so much personal wisdom, feeling and love?

This book is a must-have for anyone who wants to live in true contact with all of themselves and experience more meaning and power in their lives.

Alexander Gustafsson, Project Manager 

There are so many who need to read this right now, just reading a little part of the book could lead to an awakening for many

. I have experienced groping around among all the "spiritual / spiritual" concepts and felt lost in it. It feels like after reading the book I can "grasp" this as well as my own journey with all parts of me included.

Caroline Forsberg, Health Educator

This is a modern Bible. Without religion.

The book leads us through a loving process of transformation with the goal that we should all be able to stand in deep contact with our soul to live authentically.

You who have a desire to develop into living and working out of your true self - in this book you will have your prayers answered!

This is a very strong book.


It challenges me as a reader to open my eyes to all that is. And Charlotte so lovingly and generously shares her life and wisdom.

Lena Gylfe, Author and journalist

The book feels like a best friend to hold on to. Genuine.


The book is absolutely wonderful to have in your hand and read.

Easy to understand, practical, warm, and comprehensive.


It is written with such incredible humility, wisdom, openness, and vulnerability. You feel seen and you are no longer alone.

Anna salomonsson Trauma and body therapist

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