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Gör din själsresa

At the same time as you actively decide to be your greatest self and do what is necessary to get to know and express who you are in your essence - you connect to your Soul and the life you are meant to live and what you are here to give to the outside world .

It can be a confusing journey, even if it at the same time is one of the biggest and most beautiful journeys a human being can undertake to do.

I know this because I have travelled for a very long time myself and for 15 years I have guided hundreds of people through their Soul Journeys to live in their full power and truth. I know how crucial it can be for you to get support, guidance, tools and a tribe of loving people around you during the process. And perhaps a form - a model to hold on to when you want to strengthen your soul awareness and gain knowledge and tools that support your personal and spiritual transformation.

All our courses and sessions go straight to the core, with compassion and love.

We focus on practical spirituality - how your deepest truth and potential can be expressed in action. Every day.

When you join our programs or workshops, you become part of the Soul Academy Community - the network of people who have chosen the conscious path and who  can support each other's expansion and make invaluable contacts.

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