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The Dark Night of the Soul

Transformation coaching

The dark night of the soul, The dawn of your Truth


with Charlotte Fogel


Beautiful human.

I extend my hand to you.


To you, who feel lost on the path of life.

To you, who are experiencing a deep, perhaps upsetting, inner change, but who do not really understand what is going on, and who feel alone in what is happening.

To you, who feel that your inner self is "shifting" to a higher consciousness, a higher spiritual and spiritual frequency, and who may at the same time experience a strong confusion, loneliness, frustration or perhaps sadness.

To you, who carry a longing to find home. To your innermost rooms, and your true power.

To you, who are looking for your life task, what you have come into the world to give, and need support to listen to it.

To you, who feel that your life no longer really matches who you are, or are about to become. That what you have been and what you have lived, more and more loses its meaning and is no longer true.

To you, who feel that what you "know and see" about yourself and life, can not really be expressed


You are probably in a vital process. Into the higher consciousness that both you and the world are currently being transformed towards. For you to come "home", to your true essence and fully live and contribute according to the truth of your soul. PayYouForward

Transformation processes

I meet many people who are undergoing this change, but the path can often involve symptoms such as depression, anxiety, worry, severe fatigue, feelings of meaninglessness, sadness, confusion, "chaos", feelings of loneliness and more. You may think that there is something "wrong" with you, and seek answers from the health service, in external circumstances etc.

When it is really an inner transformation process you are going through, which in itself is enormous, beautiful and powerful, even if it takes all the power sometimes. The dark night of the soul.


Everything is as it should be. You go through this to be "born" again, as you really are. Beyond that which shaped and affected you during the course of life, which is not You. Now. Through darkness to see the light more clearly.

Everything you need is already within you.


Transformation coaching

My life's job is to keep space for your expansion, and support you and others who are going through this. Help you understand the transformation process to be able to more consciously affirm and be in what is happening. I guide you to explore and see who you really are and what you want to express through you.

I work based on my higher vision and based on my soul's communication with the Source, together with the tools I have through Healing, Priestess and shaman principles, mediality, Instant Transformation and Deep Transformational coaching.

I see you. Heal you. And will with the deepest reverence, total honesty and unwavering love reflect you, hold you, guide you and sometimes challenge you.

You come as you are and you essentially need your own presence and openness as the most important tool.

Which shape suits you best?


1. Individual Transformational Coaching.

Through individual sessions, we work with all the experiences you go through and the different themes and keys that your process may need.


2. Transformational Circle. We work in groups.

This is often even more powerful than individual sessions. Since each individual in the group has their experiences and their power to contribute, the total frequency and energy in the process is shifted up significantly more than what individuals can achieve. We are a maximum of 8 people in the group.

We will work our way through the themes and keys that are important to understand in a personal transformation process. We alternate shorter reviews, with work, reflection and exercises, jointly and individually.

The group becomes each other's support and inspiration. You will be guided and reflected by me and by the group in a way that you may never have experienced before and which can be crucial for your continued expansion.

Some of the themes we address:

  • A heroes journey - the transformation process and its meanings

  • Spiritual depression / anxiety and its 9 different expressions. Meet yourself in them

  • Awareness map - our inner energy centers and how they affect our souls and our lives

  • What you need to follow your path through the process - keys in your expansion

  • Soul Listening Tool. Ask Big Questions. And get Big Answers.

  • Life map. Your personal path through life. How does it look? What are your tasks in life? Your steps forward? What does life want to lead you through?

Transformational Coaching
Individual process

The conversations last between 60-75 minutes

and can be done by phone, Skype, video or live

Investment: SEK 800 / call


Book calls by email or phone:




Transformational Circle

The process lasts for about 6 months and consists of:

  • 3 group coaching meetings live

  • 2 Group coaching meetings online

  • Assignments between meetings based on what you personally need to learn, do and experience.

  • Any number of meetings live / online with your soul partners (2 other members from the circle) as you support each other in the ways you want.

  • Closed facebook group for continuous expansion and support

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